Target parts on bus, etc.

April 10

While riding the bus going home.  Using this technology, but perps are able to constantly poke and pulsate the heal of my left foot.  They also continously tapped my middle finger, index finger and energy on the tip of my thumb.  At home it’s the usual tapping on heels of feet, fingers, electricity on my body parts, chest cavity tighten and mimick heart attack.


Electrical Circuitry

Talking with another targeted individual who has been exposed to this for years mention to me that the perps can use just about anything to send electrical currents in your home.  They can use pipes lines through the floor, electrical lines in your home, tv, telephone whatever current to your home to zap you.  That’s why I feel current, vibration under the floor and onto my feet and body parts.

Direct Energy in the Skies

 img_0065-1.jpg   img_0009.jpg

Here are some electrical energy that I caught in the night skies which had harmed me since 2005.  Double click picture to see up close.  The first picture like a check mark the other one looks like flying lines.

img_0008-1.jpg  This picture looks like backward h’s.

Continual Phantom touches and pulsations and swaying movements

4/3/07 – 12:30 – I was splashed with direct energy all over my crouch while waiting on the bus.  Being that I alway get to see “street theatre” that the perp get some one paid to do this.  As the direct was  circulating my crotch, there were a group of men that started walking while this was happening.  I could be wrong, however, I don’t think so.  This could have been psychological rape.

About 12:45 – 1:06 – At PNC’s waiting room, again direct energy spread around my crouch and at different areas.  When I went to the ladies room, perp was able to thrust upward my body and swaying my body or when I sit in a chair perp some how uses energy to vibrate or swaying move of chair.

4/3 – Sometime last night partially asleep and awake, perp sent through my mental processes a black picture with a white round circle inside it.  Then the white circle moved far away from the black picture until it was gone.   Not sure what that meant, but I know perp was experimenting with my brain.

Phantom touch sense and shocks, etc

An example of EMF Brain Stimulation:   also see 

Brain Area


Information Induced
Through Modulation

Motor Control Cortex

10 HZ

Motor Impulse Co-ordination
Auditory Cortex

15 HZ

Sound which bypasses the ears
Visual Cortex

25 HZ

Images in the brain, bypassing the eyes
Somatosensory Cortex

09 HZ

Phantom Touch Sense
Thought Center

20 HZ

Imposed Subconscious Thoughts

 4/1 – 10:46 p.m. – perp touch right side of crouch and moved from left to right.

10:46 – 11:26 p.m. – kept inflicting pain in my body, stings and touches on legs and pulsating feet.

4/2 – 6:34 a.m. – started pulsating my feet phantom touches and direct energy on my clitoris.

6:34 – 7:07 a.m. – Direct energy on my clitoris

7:04 – pulsated the middle part of my private area and pulsated very hard like a continual punch on the right side crease of the private area.

8:29 – stung on left side of stomach and poked at different places

7:08 – direct energy on different part of crouch and on sensitive parts.

7:08 – 7:35 – direct energy on clitoris again

7:24 – shocked me on the right side of my waist

7:54 – use direct energy and touched around my crouch

9:17 – just got shot on the right of my stomach

9:54 – 10:02 – touched my crouch

10:11 – felt a slight surge up my leg touched my crouch and pubic hairs felt standing

10:28 – stung on my buttocks

1:01 p.m. – at school in an office, I was talking on the phone when perp used direct energy to touch crouch.

1:04 – pulsating feet, burn sensation on left arm poked buttocks

Phantom touches and shocks


During church services, I was sexually assualted all day with the use of direct energy going up and down my legs and upward into my croutch and electricity on my public hairs.

4/1 – 12/41 p.m.

I was constantly being poked with direct energy the left side of my back which felt like it went all around my stomach.  While in prayer it was touched on the left side of my croutch.

9:30 – while singing a song a perp had used direct energy upon both of my upper thighs and croutch at the same time.  I’m sure you could guess what the perps were trying to achieve. 

Vile Idiots!

Phantom touches and shocks

3/31 – 8:02 p.m.

When I had mentioned to the affect that the previous landlord and others stalked and use direct energy on me, I received a burned shock on my right thumb which indicated to me they were saying – that’s right.  Then I received a middle finger notation from them when they use the phantom touch on my middle finger.