My Questions and Proven Answers

My questions are asked to a Dr., Researcher   congra11.gif

Q:  Could you explain the thrust upward and swaying movement I get when I’m waiting on the bus or standing in a bathroom or just about anywhere when they feel like bothering you?  How is this accomplished?

A:  Balance and sensing of motion is one of the easiest and most important sensory perceptions that they experiment with.  Here is a machine that does the same thing with electrical pads near the ear by a
Japan Telecom company called remote control human. 3 – 7:02 p.m.Q:  Sometime last night partially asleep and awake, perp sent through mental processes a black picture with a round circle inside it.  Then the white circle moved far away from the black picture until it was gone.  Do you know what that meant or if anything?  Are they experimenting my brain with nonsense?  Thanks.A:  There is no meaning in it. They can produce much more precise complex patterns and even full computer screens in incredible detail. Many people report seeing “test patterns”. That sounds like it was a test pattern.March 8 – 6:32 p.m.  

Q:  The perps/gov had singed my private area in school while I was filling out an application.  I even heard it when it happened.  It sounded like an electrical current.  Then they had phantom touched the very edge of the private part.  I will be blogging this for court purposes.A:  The rape is done because society is programmed to turn off when people talk about such embarrassing things.  In the
Midwest when people are physically raped, the women are usually told to shut up about it by their families. This virtual rape has the same turn off effect when people talk about it. Remember all the people who have reported that they were abducted by aliens and anal raped and probed by them? It is in many movies.
March 7 – 3:26 p.m.  

Q:  What is the reason why the government or whoever want to sexual assault, mind control use direct weapons on American Citizens, etc?  And to keep at it everyday. A:   The reasons are many. People want simple answers but it is not simple. First you have to define government. It is an octopus with different crime families fighting for power. Here are just a few related to military and science:–     genocide of certain mind types called menticide. It is a way to herd the masses toward normalization. But you can’t take people to gas chambers like in the old days, so using this weapon you can kill the minds of the people of whatever group and remove them from influencing society by being labeled “crazy” and isolating them. It is a silent assassination and menticization program. It has been written about extensively by the Russians.–     Colonels have said that they need to figure out how to make this weapon more lethal. Raping people and being as brutal as possible helps them figure out how long it takes before someone finally commits suicide to escape. They want to improve the time.–     Much of it is automated by AI programs now. When fictionalized the capabilities are referred to as psychic warfare and the EEG cloning army. Imagine wars fought by killing individuals without the sight of blood. Also, the controller would not even need to recruit an army because it is all computer based. The AI programs don’t have all the human programming so they are like Terminators and just keep attacking without remorse. The weapon system just needs to lock on to a human signature then begin the directed energy assaults.February 26 – 6:10 p.m. Q:  How are they able create rumbling sounds on the floor?  I notice that when they start to vibrate or shake the floor while I’m lying down or sitting on the chair.  They can even do this in school.  I heard this same sound at my previous work station when they had electro shocked me.  Recently, which is common, they had forcefully shaken the toilet while I was sitting on it.  While I was writing this to you, they had pricked my inside of my private area.   A:  Yep, rape bots. Part of the AI program that runs on many targets. The rumblings are done two ways. The vibration is a nervous system pulsing. The sound is part of the audio-cortex amplification.  There is even a more unusual sensation that you may have experienced. Inside the inner ear is a muscle that most people don’t know exists unless you study anatomy. The inner ear muscle can be made to twitch which causes a thundering like sound. It feels like someone is suddenly changing the pressure in your ear and gives a thud like sound each time it is done.  “. . . WE ARE A LAWLESS SOCIETY . . .” – Dr. Edna McKenzie   



  1. Nancy Edwards said,

    January 15, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Criminals are criminals. High tech electronic harassment is not an inexpensive endeavor and it’s well organized. Whoever , the leaders are , they are sadistic and believe they will not be caught. With so many people reporting these types of crimes and such similar accounts , I would assume there are a few lower level ‘ cronies’ in captivity or protected witness or informants.

    Half of the people in government are still honest.

    Try and keep your sanity. And my recomendation is NOT to report yourself as a nutcase. That’s what the criminals desire. Keep the faith that these perpertrators are less safe than you.

    In Florida , there are examples of letters written to congress from their constituents who are targeted.

    Whether justice be brought in the civilian court or court martial ; I expect , it’s on the way.

    • January 21, 2013 at 3:26 pm

      you sound like someone in the know and everything u r saying is perfeckly true but i dont think they do all that amount of damage andwicked evil things toan inocent individual even children for the sake of it over my way these guys are driving top of range cars and none of them work u r talking about the biggest made bmw mercs r rovers one of them has three so I. Wonder if these guys are being paid for the murders they committ perhaps a body shouild into this I took note that the undertakers kept a party the other day and thought its good thing it was kept during the day and tables were tables

  2. j escamilla said,

    December 5, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    I can not tell if I am going crazy and just paranoid because that is what every one in my family is telling me but weird things are going on. I am lost and do not know what to do about what is happening to me. How can I get proof of my situation? Or shall I check myself in a hospital?

    • January 21, 2013 at 3:50 pm

      dont do that there is absolutly nothing wrong with u if at all something is wrong with your family for not lissening how could they not hear what is happening to u dont they know it can kill u then what ,u were chosen by the nerds as their victim and there can only be one victim per house hold where ur ongoing problem lies is at your fromnt door no think of locking it at night iknow exactly what is happening to u sadly there is no cure its a matter of someone stopping this evil act and someone is aperson living quite close when u leave house at anytime do u happen to see the same person too many times do u live on a quiote street dose it pass your front door and \do u notice anydrivers looking toward yyyour front door. Do u feel the same sensation on the road and do woble from tme to time u will definately know who that person is with an infrared camera try and disguise the operation opf fitting it as you are the victm leavewhilseits. Bneing fitted

  3. January 20, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    You. Must be getting a very strong burste of their signal interferes with your balance which makes u wobble when you walk itcan actualy make u walk into a lamppost or stumble and fall what about your sight dose your face hurt mainly yourforehaed do you lots of dark or red spotsalong your arms andlegs the wobble. is to do with a strong signal pointed at u check your left leg that’S where your headache is comming from if u have those spots they become very icheche and cause u littrally scrach your skin off iused foil during it caused the skin to sweat which i washed off. eventually the skin. will come off leaving no scars it takes a while to heal to. avoid these attacks which only happens when you’rE asleep at night make it the last thing you do before bed lock your bedroom door ‘

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