Exposed – many faces on camera

Double Click on Each Picture to see clearly below.  These are astro-projection or visual images that the perps electronically sent through my house above my head.  They have used my personal life and my creative ability to subliminally harass me that only I would know what it means – which I do.   If you know who these creatures are in the Pittsburgh, PA region, please let me know.  I greatly appreciate it. 

12bf8618.GIF  *Perps usually do not know the victim personally, but are supplied enough information to allow a well oiled campaign of gang stalking and harassment.   *Also read

 1 Gigantic Face (Original Picture)

1-gigantic-face.jpg Unretouched   1-gigantic-face-retouched.jpg  Retouched

A Face and small faced polar bear in center

 face-and-polar-bear.jpg Unretouched  1-face-amd-polar-bear-retouched.jpg Retouched

  2 faces upper right hand corner

1-face-upper-right-hand-corner.jpg  unretouched    2-faces-upper-right-hand-corner.jpg  Retouched

3 faces, small bride and groom above the faces and a singer below the faces

3-faces.jpg Unretouched     3-faces-bride-and-groom-and-center-of-page-is-lamb-or-goat-retouched.jpg  Retouched (just looking at this picture alone looks like she’s being attacked.)

Woman with phantom mask on

woman-in-a-phantom-mask-unretouched.jpg  Unretouched   phantom-mask-on-woman-retouched.jpg  Retouched



  1. lonnie said,

    October 18, 2009 at 2:15 am

    im a victim need help

  2. Wayne Sexton said,

    January 11, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Wow I have seen simiar images in my home and wherever im at. Have had neighbors harrass me for quite some time. Legs and feet twitching all the time. In need of help. Thankyou

  3. Tammy said,

    January 15, 2013 at 7:02 am

    I have been taking the same kind of pics here where I live in The Dalles OR, I was thinking another dimension only seen thru my camera…

  4. Julie hendershot said,

    February 17, 2013 at 7:32 am

    I am concerned that this is happening to me. I need help

  5. Patrick Salazar said,

    March 4, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    I am the latest victim. Our sheriff Arpaio LOVES this kind of thing. It keeps him in office! It’s pointless for them to harass me because I have nothing and it is usually white trash losers that follow me so I call them out when i am at the mall or wherever and embarrass them. Boy do they get pissed. LOL

  6. sonya said,

    June 19, 2013 at 1:54 am

    I have brain cancer and it started out by me calling the police after video taping my daughter yelling at her 6 month old baby, they seen the tape and i was taken aside by an older police officer, and told this is leading to something else i got her into school with a student loan,I know stupid but she got 17,000 and ran to a shelter thats when everything.Blew-up in my face the masks people coming into my home guys and girls i seen stuff a mother should never see they eletricuted my cat i was seeing doctor who kept telling me i was cured with an incureable cancer the seizures started and found out that someone is dumping out my seizure meds hmmmm!!! geee i wonder who that could be my daughter has never come to a doctors appointment but she shows up that night red in the face.She says her new boyfriend,s mom works for outreach and helps guys getting out of the pen and she gets into low income housing like nothing i apply sick dying and get nowhere, they came indrugged me wearing masks, throw me down two flights of stairs and i land on my head,so if you think they are not capable of killing they are. This is my own flesh and blood thats just some of it.

  7. Robin Bednarczyk said,

    May 20, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    OMG! A month ago I started taking photos of things because I started feeling sick, my ears were ringing loudly, my heart was beating out of my chest, and it just felt like something was directly aimed at me doing this. So I started shooting pictures and in several of them there were SEVEN different faces just like above only mine were much clearer. I got scared and went to my friends house, now mind you this was about midnight or later, and my friend lives TWENTY THREE miles from me, but I went there to show it to her to see if she saw them, SHE FREAKED THE HELL OUT. I was SO GLAD she saw them. AND I RECOGNIZED THEM! That crap was CREEPY to see. I stayed at my friends house til my husband called me the next morning and told me to get my butt home! I just didn’t know WHY those faces were showing up like that at the time they were – I thought it was GHOSTS! I never thought about someone astral projecting or anything much less someone trying to harass me!

    • sheila burns said,

      February 12, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      look at some of my posts on Google, YouTube (HAARP TI) and Facebook.. call me at 989.306.8788 to discuss. leave a message. I don’t pick up the phone due to the ‘programming’. constant attack and horror. The images above (look closely) are a magnetic twizzling electrode ‘picking up’, literally, your molecules.. molecularly severing and pulling ‘sheets’ of the ‘fabric’ of life energy. similar to using your brain in a microwave stick twizzling opposite centrifugal force as a carbon sheet for 0 to 50 years (my case).

      what to do.. take notes and pictures. go to the doctor and police; take notes and pictures. Use UV or ‘heat resistant’ film darker than the ‘sun’ glare even seen from a light bulb … the heat resistant shows a bunch more of HAARPs nanometered gadgets. Find a lawyer. Doctors and police are part of the horror against my life and soul.

      They use a digital image of whoever they are ‘harrassing’ in a ‘different time zone’ — HAARP is timezoneless and using imaging tools including gaseous byproducts they force the tissue to ‘suck’ on with immense blood pressure build-ups and plumbing attached to the body (through electrodes and sounds of bloody molecules) made from xray chalk dust in ‘chem trails’ attached directly to the orifices) and flash. “xrays act more like the particles than the particles (GPS and Gwen tower, tv broadcast, broadband, internet, satellite, radiostations (HAARP), including car and power outlets. I have pictures showing this and more.

      I’ll be posting a few images shortly of another blow up of horror HAARP is constantly subjecting me to as the STORY OF O BUNKERVILLE GANGBANGED BABY 1-YEAR OLD in baby crib.. using churches and the ‘word of God’ as spoken by Jesus and a dollar bill. In the images my skull is completely pulverized, bloody, blown up, boiled (4th grade), skull cap insert using the nuclear reactions to keep it outside visible light spectrum, Sitting here, no one can see the bloody.. it’s fried and ‘pulled’ into another time zone or gaseous bubble around the body, house, car, and into a power line. (Philadelphia experiment green goo also.).

      I’m also going to start publishing these photos and my posts (words of HAARP in my head in their Snuff film Saw movie Chainsaw Massacre program gangbanging my bloody tissue with constant blow ups of orgasm to a line of zeta — the ‘next hump after gamma’)

      I have a magazine published by NASA regarding solar panels that work in the shade (think of your heart- we are all born as a gamma line with nuclear reactions body and brain that are beyond gamma — gamma is our gravity line). also an article on ‘what’s between the skin and -341 degrees of nitrogen?

      • Sandra hoge said,

        May 7, 2016 at 1:54 pm

        Thank you, this is much needed information, 11 months and lost about everyone. The rapes are constantly, i actually know who these ppl are, I have alot of proof, its sick and demented, they know im responding at the moment and I don’t care anymore, threats have been made because I can locate them. The sexual assaults and tormenting is nonstop it’s driven me to suicide attempts. Family thinks I have a mental disorder or lost my mind, so the sexual assaults right in front of my 22 yr old son or even my husband is funny to them, my fries for help won’t be heard they love that face the personal touching , death threats by many terms is so insane . Im literally humiliated daily, speakibg yo my husband abput the suspicion that some kind of snuff film was being made with a hologram or image of me worried them the constant harrassment, control, and manipulation of my life to save themselves began I know who these monsters are, and a pregnancy is threatened at the moment from whatever apparatus’s are pointed at my child. .

  8. Stalked by sociopath said,

    April 14, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    Last night someone was knocking on my windows & doors and police sirens and lights were flashing in my house, when I looked outside, I saw giant clown faces, a cat and various other things, then I looked out my other window facing my neighbor house and there was a silhouette of a naked man flipping me the bird. I could hear them talking about about watching my movement through the house. I had all the lights off and curtains closed, but somehow they could see movement. I woke up my Husband and they couldn’t tell us apart….infrared maybe? My Husband thought I was “seeing things” and wen back to bed. After a couple of hours, I was fed up with the door/window knocking, seeing images when I looked out the window, hearing them talk about me moving around in my house, then I got my gun and went outside. There were three people standing by a car two houses down. It was dark and I didn’t have my glasses on, but they knew I had a gun and the woman with them (i recognized her voice) went behind a big oak tree they were parked by. I didn’t really intend on shooting anyone, I just wanted them to know I was prepared to use it if I needed…I then went back inside and I heard the woman I recognized crying about me wanting to shoot her and some other blabber. Then I announced I was calling the cops, picked up my phone and faked dialed and had a fake conversation saying I had a peeping tom and needed police assistance and in about five minutes all was quiet…they had left. This woman and I use to be friends, but had a falling out a little more than year ago…while they were playing this evil trick on me, I heard her say to her accomplice she had been waiting for a year for this. How can I prove this even happened…nobody else saw or heard anything and my one neighbor (we hate eachother) was in on it.

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