Unnatural Smells – another form of harassment


  • 1/27/07 – 4:15 p.m. 
  • I have suspected all along that my smell and taste problem came from perpdom from hell.  I had a question regarding my smell and taste problem to a well-respected Dr., Scientist about my issue.  Here is what is said what is used on me.

1/28/07 – 4:15 p.m.

“The mind viruses (automated computer neurological computer programs) correlate and thereby control different parts of the human brain for experimentation of weapons effectiveness. I know you are disturbed and annoyed by the results but trust me of the 650 targets, smell is not that bad compared to daily tortures and virtual rapes.  Jamming and shielding might help regain some of those pathways. Virtual bad odors are used on some targets to make them self conscious and isolate them further by making them think the odors are coming from them. Burned rubber is a smell that they have already put into the psychiatry manual and several publications as a sign of schizophrenia, a seemingly made up illness in the 1950’s to allow the genocide/menticide programs to have cover. I would try to over power the induced stimuli brain entrainment patterns by using menthol oil under the nose. Your physical sensory pathways can overpower the induced ones when stimulated.”

This is why I was smelling other smells than my own.  The first smell I’ve noticed where this happened at my previous address was some type of strong airy perfume that was not my taste in smells.  Then there was a sewage type of smell where I tried everything to alleviate it , but noting worked.  Later, there was a double wammy smell – a side by side smell where the perp may have messed up or didn’t know how to use the machine or just they just wanted to happen that way.  This is where I smelled a burning cigerette then right after perfume smell back and forth.  And I don’t smoke.  However, ever since then this has been happening for quite some time now.

  •  1/31/07 – 5:01 a.m.
  • I also asked other question on a few issues.  Here is what I asked.

“Robert, I’m having a hard time understanding this.  How is this possible to use an automated computer neurological computer using harmful energy on citizens without seeing it?  And being affected by it in your home, office, school and riding the bus.  How are they able to poke and shock me on the bus?  What do they have on their computers that I don’t have that can collectively harm people?  How can computer software do all of this.  Please explain.  Thanks.”

  • 1/31/07 – 10:30 p.m.
  • Here is Dr’s reply.

People want simple answers. Do you know how your television works, your mobile phone? I can’t teach anyone in 5 minutes all technologies involved even to MIT PhDs. This is the culmination of many fields of study developed into a neurological weapon system run for over 40 years but in the last 20 the people have been replaced by AI software. It is used to disable and torture to death thousands of people. Why? Read Russian theories of control of countries and societies. The CIA/Pentagon implemented the same programs.” Here is a quick help sheet. Have you visited: http://storesense2.megawebservers.com/stores/h/HS3898/cataloglist.html

  • Everytime I talk to someone about these incidents, the perps are able to listen in on my conversation and will soon put another odor in my house.  I’ve lost my smell and taste because of their immaturity. 
  • There was another new smell they permeated my house with.  It smelled like embalming fluid the smell of death.  This is just so immature.  I don’t know how they could live with themselves.  It’s just so wicked and vile.
  • I noticed that if you don’t go along with what the perp wants you to do, they will shut off your sinuses so that you can’t smell or taste anything.  Then they will ventilate their unnatural covert odor through your home and/or other place you may go to smell their strong odor of gaseous, metallic, burning and sickly sugary odor that goes up through your sinus cavity and into your mouth which you are unable to smell or taste your food.  They constantly fool around with your sinus shuting sinuses off and on.  This is to harass you and to let you know they don’t like something that you’re doing, etc.  Read edgesmells.pdf and http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/nsa-sub-post-scripts.htm (finger techniques)

THAT IS A GREAT FEELING!  I will not be control by their psychotic occurrences.

12/13 – 2:56 – perp gave me the middle finger when I posted this information.



  1. Babs said,

    October 22, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    We must send back to the demons that are trying to take you off focus.
    Pray in the Name of Jesus and the devil must flee. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Remember God is in control and He will take care of your enemies, no matter what form they come in. Be blessed my sisters and brothers. I will be praying for you.

  2. May 27, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Yes it’s true experiencing THis twentyfourseven for twetyyears

  3. May 27, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Notice the manipulation it show up in the testimonials as broken grammar misspelled words gov controllers are trying to sqelch my testimonials

  4. July 3, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Wondering why my comments have been altered???????

  5. Adriflores said,

    January 6, 2016 at 4:17 am

    Today I came across your website, it is what I was planning to do with my case as well. I group of Brazilians( 2 girls and 1guy) are doing voice to skull to me for more than a year and I had felt the smells that we mentioned before. They keeping telling me that it is spiritual, but I do not believe it is just spiritual. In Brazil people do a lot of Black Magic to hurt people in a evil manner, but in our case I believe they are using advanced technology to harass and kill us slowly. I got here to the Bay Area feeling healthy and I was staying with a friend, during the 2 months I stayed over her place I made some observation to her behavior that was different from the other times I have visited her here in the Bay Area. She wasn’t sleeping well, she was putting chair behind her house door, she was having difficult in learning English. I questioned her why she was scared like that at her house if i was there making company for a while until I find my own place to move. She did not answer my question. One day I was going out in San Francisco she told me be careful with the Brazilian mafia. I ignored what she said and went out in SF anyway, next day I felt sick, I could not leave my bed, I thought it was because I haven’t had drink in a while, but until today I am trying to understand what happened to me. A few days later I was sitting in my car and I “listened get out because this car will explode in 5 minutes” at that moment I thought it was a joke that a friend was doing to me, I looked inside the car and I did not find anything , I left the car and went to a Starbucks for a while, while I was there the voices were quite. They gave me a few days break over Thanksgiving than they started again. This time saying that they were going to kill my family in Brazil, just saying things to drive me into a paranoia state of mind. The next night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was under a strong drug and having the feeling of a bug under my skin, and the Brazilians voices saying, go downstairs because the FBI is there and want to talk to you. I remember that I took a shower and I told my husband what has happened and I had the feeling that someone invaded our house and drugged me. Because I never try any drug and I do not smoke. I went back to bed and next day the Brazilians voices were more evil, telling that they will kill my brother, that my brother was stealing at the company his work in Brazil, and my husband was going to loose his job that he just had got it. I went through hell listening to those evil things. I starting looking online for microchip, because the first thing that come to my mind that could be possible for someone having doing that to me. Because I knew I do not have any mental illness. Next day they started asking for money, they asked me to give the girl that I was staying in SF $2,000 . I asked my husband the money and I asked the voices if I give you guys the money what will happen to the voices, should you guys stop it. They said yes. Then I went to SF to give her a check, the girl said I do not want the money, but then I saw 3 Brazilians( 1 guy and 2 girls) observing us for a distance and the girl I am suppose to give the money was shaking and scared. I noticed that she was scared of something and that is why she did not want to receive the money. I asked her if she new what was going on with me she said “I do not know anything” but I felt she was lying to me.After that my I asked my husband for us to sleep at a hotel for me to see if I could sleep better than at our place. But it was a night mare for me because I had some weird people around the hotel room because I felt shocks. It is just a little bit of the hell that I am going trough. I really want to find other people that think like me and believe that we can find this mafia, and they have to explain to us how they are doing this evil crime. After this evil voices I had some people removed from my Facebook, I had some friends that doesn’t want to talk to me and they don’t say why, I believe it is because this Brazilian mafia are threatening their lives. They are still imputing voices to my head and telling me to accept it. I continue telling them that I will find them because they do not beloved to US. I still believe in the justice of United States. This week I also received a message from a victim from Brazil and she said that ” this crime is made by Brazilian mafia”
    People for Lord”s sake let’s find at least the perpetrator of one of us and from there to understand how they are doing it to help each other. Let”s not just talk about it let”s stating solving it. It is not the US government ,nor the FBI that are doing this evil crime here, because I am Brazilian and I am experience voice to skull by those Brazilians here in the Bay Area and they are telling me they have being doing it for a long time.

    • miss1sc said,

      December 31, 2017 at 11:46 pm

      Yes you are right .. I went through exactly the same as you when they started 4 years ago…?dont let them get to you don’t believe what they say they just trying to copy your scared / paranoid emotion so they can send it to you again and again. I know my perp but good luck getting him to confess or even admit!! No way he will admit it he loving the attention too much. So if u know who my perp is and where he lives what can I do about it !! ?

  6. Juliet Mba said,

    January 10, 2016 at 10:54 pm

    Hellow to you as well.
    See tears running down my eyes what have we done to ourselve, everyone is blaming one another. I have suffered from hackers for over 6 years i can’t speack yo any of my relatives. Even if the government had to control the conduct of the whole nation, should it be on me alone? why have someone choose to maltreat a single person like this since 2010
    This evening i have been distubed by internet explorer who i did not ask to up date anything for me, they did it by force, taking me down to this hacker who has been behind me from face book to youtube and have never let me be, with the permision of the google team who placed me on defaul for years.
    Firstly, they accused me of using a false name, later the say i would have chosen an easier name because they cound not pronuce my name. What do the want from me.
    This kacker, is so fast that he cound form a web site in a second. Here is the email address he gave me, privacy@mylife.com Tel number 1-8887041900 Fax 425974614 and 516-717-3017. He even ask of my driving license and the plate number. This man, is planning to kill me.
    I am betting him/ her. I am an African let him/her trace the google map and let’s see face to face. I mean in whatever way he want it., i am equal to it.
    If he does not know my address he can ask from now, i will be vigilant. Death, is once. He has threatened me before.
    Well, you know anyone can be a fool because he need something.
    I have been beginning people to help me no one cares even my partiner doesn’t believe what i am saying. But how could someone have heart to to do this kind of evil thing for so long and no one cares for her rescue. Does it mean that server’s tech doesn’t know? Then why? This is racism. He uses many user name eg Ude-silent-killer, jully-bam-18 and Africa2018. Since i did not do anything to him he moved on tracking my life, i will leave him for the Most High to see to it.
    As the man is using every thing of mine, he did not allow me to have web site, secondly i am just a house wife i have no company i opened the email just to communicate with my parents and my members of faith.
    When someone is forcing you to join google plus send your picture follow you google map, that means he wants to kill you. this what i find out from him.

  7. Adriana said,

    June 22, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Does anyone here find out how those perpetrator do the remote neural monitoring? The 3 Brazilians that are projecting voices to my head here in the Bay Area still insisting on telling that I have to accept and they will let me in peace. I do not believe them because they are inhuman and evil since day one when they started doing this harassment to me. After more than a year i have suffered the consequences of this demoniac Brazilian mafia of Goias. what I call them. It doesn’t matter where I travel they make sure that I am not left without the strong electronic waves energy attacking my brain and my head. Even though sometimes they tell me ” we already told you that it is just spiritual.” and the voice of the Brazilian man said “we do Black Magic too, we will kill you soon or later” then started laughing like he was under a demonic force. I am a God believe and I am trying to understand if what is going on it is just Remote Neural Monitoring or there is any kind of demonic Brazilian Macumba , Black Magic to disturb the victims mentally as well.
    My question here is: Why the Americans think that this kind of Harassment is done by the government or FBI or NSA? I wanted to let it clear here, I am 100% sure that there isn’t any government, nor FBI, nor NSA agents doing anything to harm anyone. I have a group of Brazilians terrorize me since November 2014. And they continue so my family and friends think that I have any kind of mental illness. But I am doing my best to prove the opposite and find out who these Brazilians are and where they are hiding them self and who is paying them to harass me since 2014. I have noticed that the volume of the conversation that I listen from them can goes loud, lower and even go silent when I am talking to someone and they want to listen to my conversation.
    Please if you are a real victim do not hesitate to contact me and share your suffering and the consequences of this evil harassment. We the victims know what it is to be in hell after this inhuman terrorism.


    August 5, 2016 at 4:36 am

    Hello….you are smelling their METH AND DRUG LABS! And you think they are CREATING SMELLS FOR HARASSING YOU???THEY ARE GLAD YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!



  9. Adriana said,

    November 16, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Ounce they deport a hand full of illegal Brazilians here in the Bay Area the USA will decrease the numbers of victims that complain about voice to skull. I am a Brazilian myself and a victim of people from my own country.( Brazil)
    The Brazilians that are harassing me hates me because I did not came to the USA illegal like them, and I do not wanted to participating nor to accept their commands to gangstalk other people on the street. Because of this evil Brazilian group I end up in a hospital in Los Gatos and next day they putted me in a clinic where my husband had to pay a detective in order for me to go home. The first day at the clinic the lady pushed me hard against the wall and took a picture of me with my hair messed up so she could put it on the computer, my guess was, she might wanted to use my picture later to claim that I was crazy. I complained and I asked her to erase it from her computer and not use it to take advantage of me asking for money. During the time I was there I did everything nice, never left my room without taking my shower and comb my hair. Some of people that was staying in the clinic did look like they had some mental problem, but others look like normal and didn’t understand why they were there. I even call the police to investigate the clinic, when they saw me doing the call, they got upset with me. I said it is too later, what I see you people doing here is wrong. Soon they started removing the cameras around the clinic. I told my husband about it and he did not believe me. Two years passed and I did not lose the hope that I will find out who this group of Brazilian are and where they are together( a Brazilian man and two women) I have no doubt if someone help me draw his face I will find him. And he will have to explain how this mafia goiania works and how they put those weird smells, how they project the voices to our brains. Please help me catch this evil Brazilians here in the Bay Area. Someone need to discover this crime, we all need to live in peace and have a privacy back. I check my bank account everyday, and I keep track of what I spend and where, because they tell me that when nobody listen to what I say about them anymore they will use my credit card and do what ever they want with me. I do have concern about my live and safety. They are already hurt my love ones because I do not want and not will accept to join they mafia. I will fight for what I believe ” Justice” because I am in the land of the brave not the cowards. If there is a way for this Brazilian mafia do this crime , there is a way to find out. I will not have peace until I meet them face-to-face. If you love yourself or have a love ones that are been a victim of voice to skull , please join me to fight for justice.

  10. Tina said,

    February 24, 2018 at 11:31 pm


  11. Stanford place darrell foss said,

    March 5, 2018 at 4:38 am

    We have a terrible old neighbor a pair of lesbians that are asking us to remove our security camera. They created fake letters that they tried to say were from the hoa but we contacted the hoa and sure enough these liars were caught as the hoa says they never sent us any letters. Now we feel vibrations in our home they constantly ry to make us burp and fart and apply prrsressure to our backs and stomach and engaged in gang stalking and we reported them to campus police as they were seen on los medanos college campus many times but they are old can bearly read and not college students. What type of device is being used?
    At first we will feel vibration on a foot lrarm or shoulder and then pressure on our back or stomach u til we burp and or fart. Thiese sickos appear to follow us wherever we go Astier jones is the criminal along with stephanie neal both at 325 turnstone circle in pittsburg. Sometimes we will feel a fast rapid paced unnatural pulse on our chest or hand. What is the best way to put these criminals in jail?

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