Continual Phantom touches and pulsations and swaying movements

4/3/07 – 12:30 – I was splashed with direct energy all over my crouch while waiting on the bus.  Being that I alway get to see “street theatre” that the perp get some one paid to do this.  As the direct was  circulating my crotch, there were a group of men that started walking while this was happening.  I could be wrong, however, I don’t think so.  This could have been psychological rape.

About 12:45 – 1:06 – At PNC’s waiting room, again direct energy spread around my crouch and at different areas.  When I went to the ladies room, perp was able to thrust upward my body and swaying my body or when I sit in a chair perp some how uses energy to vibrate or swaying move of chair.

4/3 – Sometime last night partially asleep and awake, perp sent through my mental processes a black picture with a white round circle inside it.  Then the white circle moved far away from the black picture until it was gone.   Not sure what that meant, but I know perp was experimenting with my brain.


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