Who could be after me?

 1286b211.GIF  Now I understand that it wasn’t the water company like I thought.  Doing research and asking question too much pressure in the water pipes could cause some of that effect.  However, when this technology started happening everywhere I went, I knew it was something else until I came to the knowledge of electronic magnetic, direct-energy, etc could do all of the same things. I was going to sue them because I thought I was being harassed for some reason.  When I called them, they said that it didn’t come from them and the water pressure on their end was fine and that I would need to check with landlord to check her water pipes.I knew something abnormal when I started to feel some force going up into your crouch cavity and into your body frame, I knew this was abnormal, but I didn’t know what it was or how to get help during that time.  Now I do and putting two and two and three together based on incidents that happened where I was located. Whoever was involved in this covert action needs to go to a mental institution.  They really need some help.  It’s amazing how this can harm and rape which happened to me and how nasty this sounds.  This was design to make a target go crazy and they almost succeeded.  I will be speaking out about this to different agencies, NAACP, churches, lawyers, judges, media other senators from US and abroad, etc. 

During the year of 2005, I was talking with an EAP Psychologist the perps were still torturing me because they knew I had no knowledge of what was going on and took advantage of that fact.  As you can see, this was fixed so well that they covered their tracks.  They actually made me think it was the water pipes when the perps were doing it.  I noticed when I error, they make a mole hill out of a mountain and it’s all over the place, but when someone tries to kill me, I can’t get justice!  This is no mole hill! 


  • The suspects!  Not yet proven thus far, but I am getting there.
  1. John – mail
  2. John
  3. Brenda
  4. Claudia
  5. Tech people on job and managers on job
  6. Outside jobs that individuals are told (the unseen boss) to perform – street theatre, bus theatre   
  • Utility companies MIGHT be involved, or, it could be utility workers taking on “side jobs” for the perp.  Certain level of expertise, which obviously could be found amongst utility workers (or amongst private contractors purportedly hired by utility companies). Not enough evidence to be able to make any claims thus far, however,
  • landlord of previous address
  • management and tech personnel from my last job who stalked me or knew of people to stalk me (workplace mobbing)
  • neighbor(s)
  • regular citizens who were hired and paid to stalk me
  • and some one in the government of expertise

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