Continual electronic sexual harassment


6:00 a.m. – Burned my left nipple.

6:16 a.m. – Hit my left eye to which the reflexes of my eye to close.

6:22 – 6:25 – perp forced up a shaft of electro shock up my vagina.

6:29 – perp vibrate toso and legs and puslates my feet, heels and toes.

7:10 – perp inflicted pain in my right leg and thigh.

11:15 – Continual vibrate bed and pulsating the knees.

11:19 – 11:24 – private area was touched.

11:26 – perp poked force on top of my head.

12:27 p.m. – perp touched the right side of my face then went on the other side of my face.  Also flickered my right eye, then I was singed at the right side of my hairline.

12:16 – Every time that I’m on my computer, perp touched the top of my hand.

1:18 – was just touched under my right feet and was knicked at the side of my head.

1l48 – electroshock went up from the floor to my leg and thigh area and was poked at my buttocks.

2:14 – electroshocked directly on my private area.  Every time I’m on my computer, perp would push-up my chair and vibrate the floor to engender the feeling of dizziness.  perp have used this technique often.


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