Black Cloud Harassment Update:

The perps know that I’ve blogged my information and they used the “Pseudo” heart attacks on me:  This involves the sensation that the chest is being tightly constricted, mimicking the symptoms of a heart attack.  They use this technique all the time.

In addition to a lot of movement on the floor where I sleep at which prevents me to get a good nights sleep.  That’s called Sleep deprivation:  This is commonly reported and achieved any number of ways, but usually involving excessive noise.

 They also like to feel my private parts which I find disturbing.  This is called Sexual attacks:  Many report the sensation of having their genitalia manipulated. Both men and women report this. It involves tingling, prickling, arousal and/or pain of the genital area. It is a particularly disturbing and traumatic experience, with the accompanying sensation of being severely violated. Given the “artificial/electronic” nature of it, there is no question that it is not by any stretch a “natural” occurrence.

But, I know help is on the way!

July 2005 and Beyond of Electronic Harassmemt  

  • It has taken a while to figure out what was going on with me because by the grace of God, I am in good health and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  I had an MRI done, blood work and a neurological exam and could not find anything wrong with me.  I knew that when I went to see my doctor, it was what was done to me.  Someone at the company had electrocuted me.  Someone knew how to sabotage/rigged some around my desk area where I was zapped. But they didn’t stop there. I was being followed around the building by who used company time to harass me.
  • The next incident was wherever I was standing or sitting they used something under the floor to where they were able to go up through my leg and touch my private area.  It felt like somebody had touched my private parts. I call this form of rape.  Not only that they were able to poke me in my stomach, pulsate my feet, poke my stomach, and something electrical was jarred upward in my vaginal area, etc.
  • Now this is how sick they are.  They were able to filtrate the vent area to where I was able to smell my own waste when I sat at my desk.  Since they saw me go to the ladies room and knew I was doing my business on the toilet.
  • Now, I no longer have a job and I was fired because HR said that I was disruptive.  I was not disruptive. This was a safety issue that I could not get help from no one.  I had to contact OSHA, but they could not help me either.
  • Another incident was I was waiting on the bus and while I was waiting, a pervert had jabbed my backside numerous times. Also, the utility company had harassed me all the way home. Someone had thrust upward the ground when I was walking. I don’t know how this was done, but physics played into that. They could have used air pressure through the pipeline and other controls to make that happen.
  • Another incident happened recently when I was sitting down at church which I don’t want to say because it was so gross I was so humiliated and the Lord felt my pain that day and He didn’t like it either. Whoever had done this to me may want to think twice about it. But, when I was listening to the Pastor sitting down they had touch my private are between my legs and touched my face at the same time. This happened again at my house when I was lying down on my couch at my new residence and at my previous residence. This type of harassment happened when I was employed.
  • This is a recurring incident or whenever they feel like messing with me. When waiting on the bus or going home, the utility company rigged something underground to where they are running something through my legs and I get an electric shock inside my vagina and the current goes inside my stomach which I jump out of my seat. I will also be suing them too. I will be suing for millions.
  • Another incident was where I lived previously the landlord had someone to tamper with my lights in the house and had the utility company to thrust upward the ground everywhere I went. For I.e. the house was filled with electromagnetic energy which particles slapped my in the face, they had thrust upward the floor in the house, basement, kitchen and the ground when I left the house.

I want to know exactly what and how are they able to do this. What are they using to do this to me? I am not a technical person, but I can make an educated guess and I know I am right on some of this.

  • The most recent incident is at school. Someone knew I would be attending an art school.  Again, from the floor, someone is activating and/or has rigged the floor right under me wherever I sit in every class or in a lab, the same thing is happening again.
  • Also, when I leave my house to walk up the street, the utility company will shock my feet when I’m walking and they somehow increase the air pressure or something from the ground so I can’t breathe properly.  They were trying to suffocate me.  The hill that I walk up isn’t that steep and I should not be out of breath that fast.  This hasn’t happened before until recently.  I know my surrounding and know the how my body works. I am very healthy.  Someone hates my guts or just don’t like me, or have something against me.  I really don’t know. But it’s fiendish.
  • The utility company also sabotages my new place or some one has.  The water company had rigged the water pipe pressure, which I felt within the whole house. Also they had filtrated the house with the smell of burning cigarette or burning odor and a metallic smell.
  • After midnight 10/22 someone had shot an electrical particle on my face. Also they try to annoy me with poking on my leg or behind. Someone is insane and sick in the head.  They’re getting off on my through electronic energy.
  • Also, the perps have intercepted through my television and distorted my TV monitor to make it hard to look at what you’re watching.



  1. Sydney Morris said,

    June 20, 2008 at 5:06 am

    I have “electronically raped” every day since December 2005. Today is
    June 20,2008. I haven’t left my house since November 2007 due to the gang stalking by law enforcement and others. My computer and several other appliances have been destroyed by perps. My pets are tortured also. I live with my 75 year-old mother, who is also tortured; not as seriously as myself, thank goodness. Both of us have damaged thyroids and have to take medication for life. They have left me unemployed, homeless, tortured, slandered, etc. I cannot go anywhere, do anything that I used to do. I can’t drive, read, listen to music, watch a movie, sleep/nap–nothing without them torturing me by raping me vaginally and anally EVERY DAY 24/7/365 for almost 3 years. No one believes me except my mother, and that’s because it is happening to her also. Every doctor or therapist I’ve told have said the same thing “you know that something like that doesn’t exist, don’t you” or “that’s just in the movies”. I am so disgusted with this country that I love; I still love it because that’s all I know. I just cannot believe that this is happening to innocent American citizens for no reason other than to “experiment” or to “rid it of undesirables”. I have never committed a crime. I have never broken a law except for a speeding ticket, which I promptly paid. I don’t use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco (not that any of that is a reason to be tortured). I was a born-again Christian; although my faith has been sorely tested the past 3 years. I have given up. Every time I tried to fight these people, I would be tortured worse for a week or so; then have some appliance fried or my car vandalized worse. I have begged for help from law enforcement (they help the perps), lawyers (they probably do, too), doctors (they know all about it and do nothing to help), congressmen/senators (they ignore my correspondence, and that is when my computer got fried/blown up–after I emailed all of them). So, I quit. I am just waiting to die. I am sure I will soon, since I am unable to go outside for exercise, fresh air, socialization of any kind, without being harassed and intimidated by everyone around. Probably have a heart attack/stroke, or maybe even cancer from all of the radiation exposure. I am sure all of our founding fathers are turning in their graves over this. This is NOT the America they envisioned, I’m sure. I only hope that someday this ugly, evil , sinister crap comes out to the light of day…..I hope I am still around to see it, and to see all of those who had a hand in it put to death, preferably by hanging or lethal injection, both of which would be way too good for them. Thanks for listening. I have no one to talk to, because no one believes me. God help us….

    • Renae said,

      June 14, 2012 at 6:19 pm

      I believe you. I am also a Christian. Who can help us but God? I will be praying for you Sydney… God help us all. Email me with your specific prayer requests.

    • June 14, 2014 at 6:25 pm

      I believe you because the same thing is happening to me. Keep praying and don’t give up! These doctors and everyone else about this. They won’t acknowledge it, but they know. Keep praying!!! God said sit back and wait. Be patient!!!! you can email me at

  2. Alex said,

    June 15, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    I believe you. That God help you. Sydney, go outside and ignore the attacks as much you can, please. Much of them are not real. Focus. When the sexual attack starts try to do this:
    relax as much you can, breath, visualize a white screen in you mind and enlarge that white screen outside of the limits of your eyes. Focus on that. Don’t give any emotion to the system and in minutes will get better and stop.
    Of course they try to continue doing all the things but since you control much, it will be less difficult. Try please. I know that everyday is a challenge to the limit of human capacity, but try contain their experience please. Remember God is with you. Blessings!

  3. William said,

    December 6, 2016 at 10:33 am

    It’s too late . Its the local authorities experimenting using high tech gear . It is killing you slowly , and there is no way to stop it yet , because it’s attached to the highest level of Government . They are 50-60 years into this experimenting …on people ….on neighborhoods …including …law enforcement is being experimented on . I have had all the symptoms you all speak of …especially the genitals for 367 days 24/7 now , and the latest is major eye strain and brain pains . They claim they can read my mind ….They are wrong …. I have learned their software and ” Glitched ” it many times . You can learn if you educate yourself . It’s too late too stop all this . They are very deep in , and the so called ” Patriot Act ” Fucked us all deeply . Spread the word , go to the Catholic Church with complaints , the police will not help you . They do not want all this to come out . The could be a civil war in this country if it did . Good Luck .

    • Stephani Buerger said,

      December 17, 2016 at 8:36 am

      Hello, hey I know it all too…if it is any consolation There Is God The Father and Our Famous King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God has demanded to the end times Prophets and Prophetess these evil people stop hitting his chosen children of the most High God, “Let My People Go!”😂 The sixth seal is open, the sixth angel has sounded The Trumpet and God’s Wrath promises to remove every evil device known to mankind even the writing device pencil. I can not wait for The Angels to Avenge Their Blood! I say it is never to late for any thing. Bind them in The Name of Jesus. God also has stated that this crime is now an unforgivable crime of blaspheme against The Holy Spirit. The only unforgivable sin was any blaspheme against The Holy Spirit, now there are two unforgivable sins. Hallelujah, Amen Praise God Father Yahuah!😂

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